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Back up power is of increasing popularity in recent years.  Power outages have tripled in the last 40 years as a result in our aging distribution network and thinning of utility maintenance crews.  Lack of sump pumps, space heating, and refrigeration during a power outage can result in thousands of dollars of losses, especially if you are away for the season or on vacation.

  • Incorporating a Generator into your project is often a priority for many homeowners in Northern New York.    Fourth Coast is an authorized Kohler Generator Dealer, offering natural gas, propane, gasoline and diesel powered generators up to 140 kW.  We provide full installation and annual maintenance to minimize the inconvenience and damage from a prolonged power outage.  Generators are also an important component in any off grid system, providing battery charging during those cloudy periods or short winter days.

  • Battery Storage options continue to improve.  Fourth Coast can provide a wide range of battery alternatives ranging from traditional lead/acid batteries, a proven alternative that can provide decades of service with proper maintenance, or state of the art lithium batteries.  We are finding in some cases, a battery backup system with a grid tied solar electric system might be preferred over a gas fired generator if the home has space or noise constraints, not to mention that you do not need a fuel source!

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