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Environmental Consulting Services are often the first step in developing any project.  Our staff can help you navigate the many environmental permitting and compliance requirements for municipal and commercial projects.  Residential projects can also require permitting such as wetland delineations or stream disturbance permits.

  • Permitting requirements should be reviewed at the start of every project.  Our staff works with all local permitting agencies, including local code enforcement officials, planning boards, utilities, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, NYS Department of Health, US Army Corps of Engineers just to name a few.  We help our clients understand the process for applying for permits, and prepare supporting documentation in a clear and concise manner acceptable to the permitting authorities.

  • Wetland Delineation are often required in our region for construction projects.  Identifying a wetland is not always as obvious as you may think.  Our staff is fully trained regarding current guidelines and requirements for delineating wetlands.  Let us help you avoid these resources, or develop a mitigation strategy if avoiding wetlands is not possible.

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) are required for every construction project that can disturb over 1 acre.  We are certified to develop and monitor storm water plans for any construction project.  Storm water plans may also be required for certain businesses such as marinas that fall within specific regulatory jurisdictions.

  • Spill Prevention Plans are also required for many municipal and commercial businesses with petroleum bulk storage meeting regulatory thresholds.  Let us assist you in making sure you have the proper plan in place to help you meet regulatory requirements.

  • Tank Closure Reports are often required when petroleum tanks are permanently closed or removed.  Our trained staff has helped many businesses and contractors with properly documenting tank removals, including on site soil screening with photo ionization equipment and sampling for required documentation.

  • Asbestos Sampling can also be provided for initial screening of building materials prior to building remodeling or demolition project.  Sampling for asbestos is a requirement for many remodeling and all demolition projects.

Tank Closure Reports
Asbestos Sampling
Spill Prevention Plans
Wetland Delineation
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