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Project Development and Management expertise is a phone call away for municipalities or business owners looking for help moving their ideas to reality.  Working with design professionals to develop realistic design solutions, budgets and timelines are critical for a successful project.

  • Budgeting and Cost Estimating is an important first step in developing a plan that can be executed without surprises.  Our experience with developing local projects with local contractors helps minimize budget busting changes.

  • Grant Writing and Administration can be time consuming for clients not familiar with the wide range of program requirement. Our familiarity with the many funding agencies and programs is often key to help you identify, apply, and successfully receive critical financing

  • Construction Management for the duration of any project is key to assuring the project stays on budget and on schedule.  Working relationships with funding agencies is also a critical component for monthly disbursements and timely cash flow.

  • Construction Survey and Inspection during the project we will help identify unforeseen issues early, document the construction process and provide critical quality control, and provide “reliable as built” drawings to keep for future use.

Budgeting & Cost Estimating
Construction Management
Construction Survey & Inspection
Grant Writing & Administration
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