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Engineering Services are provided by St. Lawrence Engineering DPC, which is registered in NYS to provide civil, environmental, electrical and mechanical engineering services. Utilizing the latest AutoCAD software, we provide design services for a wide range of projects.

  • Renewable Energy design services focus on solar electric, solar thermal, and ground source/air source heat pumps.  Solar resource analysis and electrical design including electrical circuit design, grid interconnect design, and foundation/support system design.  Our heat pump designs include load analysis, ground heat exchanger design, equipment sizing, and full heating and cooling distribution.

  • Municipal Engineering services have been provided by the Licensed Professionals for over 30 years, and encompass the needs of our small communities in our service area of Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties.  We can help you with water and wastewater projects, local roads and bridges, and municipal building projects including highway, DPW and offices.  Our engineering department will develop preliminary engineering evaluations and reports to help determine project solutions, costs, and funding.  We work daily with municipal funding agencies including USDA Rural Development, NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation, and many other state and federal funding sources.

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